Farmer's Restaurant®


Menu & Nutrition

There’s “fresh”, and Farmer Boys fresh.

For us, farm fresh aren’t trendy buzz words. It’s who we’ve been for nearly 35 years. That means our produce doesn’t sit around in a warehouse for weeks. It’s delivered fresh and whole to the restaurant, at the peak of crispness and flavor. Chopped fresh in the restaurant, every day. Our zucchini and onion rings are sliced, breaded and battered–by hand. All salads are hand-chopped. Dressings are house-made from our own family recipes. When you get a Farmer’s Burger, you get pure, hand cut, mashed avocado, no fillers. Breakfast at Farmer Boys means real eggs in the shell. Farmer Boys coffee is ground at the restaurant. Our orange juice is fresh squeezed locally, never pasteurized. Because fresh tastes better. Simple, huh?

A leader in high-quality ingredients, NATURALLY.

Our famous burgers have always been made from 100% USDA pure beef patties, ground fresh. In 2012, we were the first to introduce The Natural™ burgers. Our customers were asking for the option to enjoy fresh, never frozen, hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef. The Natural™ burgers were and continue to be a smash hit. So much so, that some fast food guys are now trying to imitate us. They can copy our name, but they can’t match our quality and taste.

Once you order, the whole place starts cooking.

The grill cooks start grilling, the place is hopping. That’s what it looks like when fresh food is being cooked. It may take a little longer than a fast food joint, but once it’s brought to your table, hot and fresh, it’ll all be worth it.