Process Steps

Step 1: Initial Inquiry

So far, so good, right? Now it is time to take the next step to becoming a Farmer Boys franchisee. By completing the simple form on the next page, you will be connected with one of our franchise representatives. Our friendly staff will guide you through the Franchise Discovery Process to help you decide if owning a Farmer Boys® franchise is the right move for you. Don’t worry, we won’t fill up your email inbox with a bunch of unsolicited junk mail. We just need to know how to contact you so we can tell you about this great opportunity.

Step 2: Introductory Call and Meeting

Let’s connect! After we receive your online inquiry, the next step in your Franchise Discovery Process is speaking with our franchise representatives. Don’t worry, it is a very casual and friendly conversation with two main objectives: you getting to know us, and we getting to know you! The introductory call is usually followed up with a visit to one of our locations in a region near you. We love to show off our restaurant operations and give you a look into what owning and operating a Farmer Boys franchise is all about.

Do you have questions? We’ll get them answered for you! And, once you feel you have enough information to move forward in the Franchise Discovery Process, we will offer you the opportunity to complete our Request For Consideration form. After completing the RFC, you are ready to move onto the next step!

Step 3: Full Franchise Application & Franchise Disclosure Document

Now we are getting to the good stuff! After completing the Request for Consideration form, you will receive a copy of our current Franchise Disclosure Document. This document is a key piece to your franchising puzzle, as it provides you with tons of important information regarding our company, important costs to keep in mind, financial performance histories (Item 19) of our locations, our Franchise Agreement, and our Area Development Agreement. You will have plenty of reading material to help decide if you should turn your Farmer Boys dream into reality! And don’t worry, our franchise representatives are eager to help you find the answers you are looking for!

Step 4: Meet the Team Day

Now it is getting serious! It’s time to meet the team! We love this part of the Franchise Discovery Process because we get to show off our incredible team of people, all of whom work hard to make the Farmer Boys franchise system such a success. We will schedule your Meet the Team Day to offer you a comprehensive look and introduction into the workings of the executive team here at Farmer Boys. During your visit to the Farmer Boys corporate office, you will spend time with each department head and have the opportunity to share your story with them and ask more detailed questions in relation to each department’s function within the Farmer Boys franchise system. This is a no-pressure meeting, aimed solely at getting to know each other as potential franchisee/franchisor partners.

Step 5: Awarding of the Franchise

After your Meet the Team Day visit, both you and our Farmer Boys executive team will have a much better understanding of each other’s goals, vision, and plan of execution. It is at that point that a decision will be made to present you to our Franchise Selection Committee, which consists of a team of our founders, top level executives, and key figures on the Farmer Boys team. This committee is the group of individuals who will make the decision whether or not to award you with a Farmer Boys franchise. Be prepared to share your story, your passion, and the reason why you would like to become a member of our exclusive Farmer Boys franchise family. Does that sound daunting or worrisome? Fear not, if you have made it this far in the Franchise Discovery Process, you will have been well-equipped with plenty of reasons why Farmer Boys is the perfect opportunity for you!