Los Angeles, Downtown – S. Alameda St.

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Nobody Does It Fresher®

Farm fresh food doesn't just taste better, it feels better. Our customers know the difference between vegetables served right off the farm, and fast food processed from the factory. After a meal, they're not ready to take a nap, they're recharged to get to work. That's the difference between fast food and farm fresh food.

Los Angeles, Downtown – S. Alameda St.
726 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021 Large map & directions

(213) 228–8999

Open 24 Hours
Closed every fourth Sunday of every month from 10pm-3am

Open 24 Hours

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Once you order, the grill cooks start cooking. It takes a little longer than a fast food joint, but once it's brought to your table, hot and fresh, it's worth it.

Los Angeles, Downtown – S. Alameda St.

Farmer Boys, Los Angeles

Farmer Boys Los Angeles first opened its doors on April 4th, 2000. Our menu features more freshly-prepared items including award winning burgers, specialty sandwiches, freshly-made salads, and signature side items such as fried zucchini and monster-sized onion rings. Made-to-order breakfast include omelets, French toast, pancakes, and breakfast burritos. All this is served in cozy, friendly surroundings that call to mind the charm and comfort of a rural farm home.

We are located just outside downtown Los Angeles, at 726 S Alameda St. We have a full dining room with table service, a large lot with complimentary parking, and a drive through if you’re in a hurry. Our food is made with the freshest ingredients; whenever possible, we use locally grown produce that is on your plate within 48 hours of being picked!

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This Farmer Boys location participates in the Very Important Farmer VIF Loyalty Club. Scan your receipt after each visit. Earn 1 point for every $1 spent (pre-tax). Use points to redeem for food and discounts. Rewards available at 30 points, 55 points, 75 points and 100 points!

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I’m Pedro. Our team is here to make your day. Join us for a farm fresh breakfast, lunch or dinner, today. Smiles are free!

Breakfast All Day

Who said breakfast is only for morning? The morning police? Have pancakes for dinner! Burgers for breakfast! An omelet in the afternoon. Have what you want, whenever you want it.