Introducing “The Natural.” The Burger That Takes You Back To The Backyard

Riverside, CA

One bite of “The Natural” and you’re whisked back to simpler times when your dad fired up the barbecue and mom hand-pattied burgers made from the local butcher’s premium 100% angus beef. Farmer Boys’ new “Natural” burger is as close as you can get to those childhood memories.

The Natural is only made with USDA Certified 100% Angus beef that’s been vegetarian fed. There are no hormones. No fillers. And there’s no comparison. Ken Clark, President and COO asserts “Burger purists are going to love The Natural. With beef this good, you really get that mouthwatering, juicy burger flavor.”

You don’t need to add anything to The Natural to experience the amazing taste. It comes naturally with a l/3 lb patty, cheese, onions and pickles on a toasted potato bun. But you can add toppings like lettuce, tomato and even avocado and bacon. According to Ken Clark, “We’re very committed to the concept of adding an even better burger to our already extensive line of the world’s greatest hamburgers.”

The Natural is already available in all Farmer Boys restaurants, and the burger will be introduced this month through a multimedia campaign which includes television, radio, outdoor, social media and special events throughout the summer.