RIVERSIDE, Calif. (June 27, 2019)

Farmer Boys is an equal-opportunity employer and has zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. We encourage our franchise owners and restaurant managers to hire those who are developmentally-disabled and people with special needs whenever possible.

The recent situation at our Laguna Hills location was an unfortunate circumstance. It was not related to Melinda Gutierrez individually, although we greatly understand her disappointment and frustration. After struggling financially, the Laguna Hills location was placed in the hands of a court-appointed receiver. The receiver – on behalf of the previous franchise owner – terminated all team members prior to the ownership change as part of the transition process.

The new franchise owner was able to hire approximately 2/3 of the former team members to fill positions needed to run the restaurant. Most of those hired are full-time employees. Some people – including Melinda Gutierrez – were part-time team members, and those positions along with most other part-time positions – were regrettably eliminated.

The previous owner partnered with Dreams of America, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children and adults with disabilities find employment. After listening to and understanding community input, the new franchise owner has reached out to Dreams of America for help in restoring Melinda Gutierrez’ position as soon as possible. With the support of the community, he intends to return the Farmer Boys restaurant in Laguna Hills to profitability, add more positions, and once again hire additional special needs individuals in the future.