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Limited time - Hog Heaven Breakfast Burrito Go ahead. Pig Out.

Only Farmer Boys® has a breakfast burrito packed with 3 cage-free eggs, cheese, hash browns, hickory-smoked bacon, sausage AND country ham. Go ahead. Pig out.

Limited Time Chicken Caesar Salad - Our fresh twist on a classic is back!

Want to make your summer yummer? Grab a cool, farm fresh salad from Farmer Boys®. Our Chicken Caesar Salad is an irresistible farm fresh twist on a classic, topped with Parmesan-crusted toast.

Farmer's Chopped Cobb Salad

LETTUCE make your summer, salad season is here! When it gets hot, our crisp, tasty salads really hit the spot. Farmer Boys® salads are loaded with hand-chopped, harvest fresh produce, flame-grilled chicken breast, and lots of other fresh, tasty toppings. Celebrate summer with our salads, today!

New Limited Time No Brainer Deals. 7 Farm Fresh Tasty Choices Starting at just $3. Only Farmer Boys is cooking up Farm Fresh, Cooked-To-Order Yumminess at shockingly low prices. We gotta be brainless!

Only Farmer Boys is cooking up Farm Fresh, Cooked-To-Order yumminess at shockingly low prices.