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We’re talking double-smoked bacon, flame-grilled, all natural chicken breast, California cheddar cheese, and fresh Hass avocado. Everything you crave on farm fresh greens.

Enjoy 100% USDA pure beef, fresh produce served within days of harvest, all on locally-baked buns. Take a bite of the best!

Loaded with flame-grilled chicken, real hand-sliced avocado, hickory-smoked bacon, aged, shaved Parmesan and house-made croutons on hand-chopped lettuce. Our farm fresh twist on a classic.

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The instant you become a Very Important Farmer, you unlock a bushel basket full of benefits. You’ll immediately start collecting points for everything you buy at Farmer Boys®. In addition to rewarding your taste buds by enjoying award-winning farm-to-table burgers and cooked-to-order breakfast all day, you’ll now earn 1 point for every $1 spent!