Here’s our freshest and latest.

You get a 100% USDA pure, flame-grilled Big Cheese® plus your choice of two, huge, farm fresh sides and a cold drink for just $5.99. That’s a BIG deal.

Farm fresh, scratch-made and irresistible. All rolled up into one.

This Double Cheeseburger is stacked high with 100% USDA pure fresh beef, American cheese and farm fresh produce. Choose your choice of two, huge, farm fresh sides and a cold drink. Sound irresistible?

Bread Bowls are back and tastier than ever. Rustic La Brea Bakery Bread rounds are hand-carved and filled to the brim with our NEW Cheesy Chicken Tortilla Soup, Boston Clam Chowder or Scratch-made Chili.

The instant you become a Very Important Farmer, you unlock a bushel basket full of benefits. You’ll immediately start collecting points for everything you buy at Farmer Boys®. In addition to rewarding your taste buds by enjoying award-winning farm-to-table burgers and cooked-to-order breakfast all day, you’ll now earn 1 point for every $1 spent!