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Every Farmer Boys® has a traditional farmhouse bell to honor the heritage of our original family farm. To us, the bell is an enduring symbol of warm hospitality and great home-cooked meals from the farmhouse kitchen. So whenever you visit our restaurants, be sure to ring the bell on your way out and we’ll thank you with applause and cheers!


Farm To Table

Ask someone today where food comes from and they’ll probably say a restaurant.
That’s like saying water comes from watering cans. Food comes from the earth, from the farm. And great food comes from local farms and hard work. The fresher the food, the better it tastes. It’s an idea that’s been around since there were ideas.


The Strawman Cometh

He was made by a small, family farmer out of good, honest, hard-working clothes. Pants from farmers who harvest lettuce by hand. Shirt from people who grow locally sourced tomatoes, Burlap sack from local California Avocadoes. Hat with the sweat from three generations of family farmers. Worn Buttons. He has spent years in the fields, protecting crops. But when he heard about the Farm-to-table Farmer’s Burger he knew he had a higher calling.

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Burger Awards

The Farmer’s Burger® has won more awards than all the actors in Hollywood

100% pure USDA beef, and hand-smashed avocado, locally-sourced whenever possible. Crisp veggies served within days of harvest. Family recipe bacon, and award-winning American cheese on locally-baked buns.

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Farm Fresh Events

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In The News

Are you tired of eating all of that fake, artificially created food at fast food restaurants? Surely, you are, but it is understandable if the hunger desire takes over and you cannot resist eatting fake fast food. However, there is a solution because you can eat farm fresh food at Farmer Boys.


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Grow With Us

It’s not enough to make great food, we want to make GREAT FRIENDS of our customers. Our team of farmers spans across 79 restaurants located in various counties across Southern & Central California and in Nevada. If you have a commitment to quality, desire to learn and advance professionally with a brand named one of the 8 “Better Burger” Chains Poised to Conquer America by Business Insider….