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So Many Reasons!

Expert Training from the Experts:

The Farmer Boys team is here to teach you, train you and guide you. We’ll provide a comprehensive 12-week training program, covering both the business and food preparation aspects of running a Farmer Boys restaurant. Then we’ll work with you and your employees to prepare for your restaurant’s grand opening.

Ongoing Consultation:

A consultant will make periodic visits to your location to assist you with any questions, operational concerns and ideas you might have. To keep you up-to-date on industry and franchise issues, we conduct periodic seminars, meetings, special training events, monthly franchisee conference calls, and our annual franchise convention.

Advertising and Marketing:

As part of the Farmer Boys team, you’ll benefit from targeted advertising campaigns and promotions. We’ll also help you with local store marketing by providing strategy and materials when appropriate.

Savings and Convenience


With Farmer Boys, you’ll enjoy volume discounts from key equipment and food suppliers. As a group, we can buy better products at optimum prices. Most of the time, these savings will offset a significant portion of your franchise royalty fee. Plus, you’ll never have to spend valuable time haggling over the best price.

Research and Development:

Farmer Boys is continually researching irresistible new menu items and other ways to enhance sales, as well as improving operational procedures.

On-Call Assistance:

We’re always just a phone call away, ready to help you with issues great and small.

Operational Benefits

Right now, the farm-to-table restaurant concept is hotter than a Farmer’s Burger® right off the grill. We should know. We’ve been serving farm-fresh food, made-to-order since 1981! Today, Farmer Boys is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend now and into the future.

As a Farmer Boys franchisee, you can be part of this “Restaurant Revolution” as consumers demand high-quality, fresh ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible, and prepared fresh to order just for them.

Farmer Boys franchisees also reap the benefits of having a diverse yet efficient menu, offering something for just about everyone in the dining party, including vegetarian options.

Farmers wake up early in the morning, and so do our customers. The amazing aroma of our fresh cooked breakfasts calls them out of bed and keeps them coming back throughout the day! Our “Breakfast, BURGERS, and More” philosophy opens up multiple day-parts, allowing you to generate revenue throughout the day and well into the evening hours. We’re not just some burger chain that only works for you at lunch and dinner.

Sounds pretty good, huh? But don’t take our word for it. See what some of our valued franchisees have to say:

“I have been a franchisee with Farmer Boys since 2007, starting with one store in Escondido, CA. I’m now a multi-unit owner, with additional stores in the works. Farmer Boys is very dedicated to their franchisees. They work as hard for us as they do for the company restaurants. Their commitment to fresh quality food starts at the farm and continues with satisfied customers. Farmer Boys is a family restaurant and the company treats us like family.” – Joseph Sadek, proud Farmer Boys franchisee

“I’ve been a Farmer Boys franchisee since 2003. I now have multiple locations in Las Vegas and Southern California, with plans to open more in the future. It’s an honor to be a part of a growing company. Farmer Boys takes great pride investing in their franchisees, food quality, training and employees. I love the unity that this company displays which contributes to our success!” – Sam Fangary, proud Farmer Boys franchisee

Financial Benefits

We understand that loving our brand is not all there is to consider when thinking about opening a Farmer Boys franchise. After all, opening a franchise has to make sense financially. At Farmer Boys, we are proud to say that our restaurant locations have seen continued strong sales growth since 2011, and our franchisees couldn’t be happier!